The LTC Origin Story

Lexington Tennis Club was formed through a collaboration of tennis players and teaching professionals from the Mount Auburn Club in Watertown. When the Mount Auburn Club closed its doors permanently in July of 2020, this group of tennis friends and colleagues came together to maintain and elaborate on the tennis community that had been in place there for decades. After months of searching for a new tennis home in the Boston area, they discovered the four beautiful, air-conditioned indoor courts at 475 Bedford Street in Lexington. Upon incorporating as a nonprofit, “Lexington Tennis Club” was born.

Lexington Tennis Club (“LTC”) opened on February 1, 2021 primarily as a refuge for the former Mount Auburn Club tennis community. LTC currently has around 300 adult members that blends former Mount Auburn Club members with players from the local area. Managed by experienced teaching professionals with a Board of Directors who are all dedicated tennis players, LTC balances high caliber instructional programming with ample time for adult members to book courts for singles and doubles play. LTC serves adult tennis first and foremost with junior programming playing a secondary role.


General Information about Lexington Tennis Club

Article published by USTA: “The Power of Community Unites New Lexington Tennis Club”